It is very depressing to hear stories like Haniyah. I, like many oterss , seem to have a stereotype and shamely do fraun upon incarcerated people without really knowing their story. And by doing that we hurt those who are involved. It was a total wakening to realize that our future students don’t come from perfect little homes.  They come and will continue to come in all shape, size, and colors.  I am glad to hear that the effort is being made by teachers to help students in these situations like in “teaching Haniyah”. And there is the program WHAT that is attempting to help as well.  Her story open my eyes to how normal these children want to be and because of their story many isolate them. Its so beautiful who Haniyah loved and admired her father even though he was inprison. Her story made me realize that not just because a relative is in prison, their emotional connection is gone, thus ending hurting them when fraun upon. I as a future educator will keep my eyes open for students like Haniyah who face problems at home and eventually can affect their education and life.


Ithe subject of encarcerated family members has never cross my mind until I read this article. But it definetly makes sense how something of this magnitude can affect our students, specially those minority groups who according to this article it seems to affect the most. We as future educators should definetly look out for signs that indicate problems like this an fine the most adequate solution instead of making it another obsticle in our student’s education. It is a very delicate subject and as the article says something like this is frauned and students facing these problems choose to keep to themselves instead, so we should keep our eyes and ears open and look for the signs to help our students succeed in every aspect of their lives.

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